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Wayne Chamberlin

Wayne Chamberlin is originally from Tennesee; he moved to Montana in 1981 and Montana has become his home state. 

He is a retired physician. 

A long-time lover of the outdoors, he enjoys hiking, fishing, skiing and cycling in Montana’s wonderful outdoors and believes it is a responsibility to work to defend our state’s wild, quiet places for now and for the future generations of its people, as well as protecting Montana’s  wildlife, forests and waters. 

He has been active in the Montana Wilderness Association (MWA) as a Council member and local chapter board member and he coordinated the history project for the MWA. His work there led to his being involved in the soon to be released book A Wild Land Ethic, the Story of Wilderness in Montana, which is being published by Dale Burk’s Stoneydale Press.  

He is honored to be a part of Montana Conservation Elders.

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