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Speakers Bureau

MCE is creating our speakers bureau so that we can go to those interested in our love of Montana’s wild places.  We are willing to partner with individuals, groups, schools, museums, libraries, conservation groups and others to teach the  history of conservation in Montana.

To organize an event with one of our speakers bureau, please send us an email, or a letter to our mailing address. Let us know your desired topic or topics, preference for a specific speaker if wanted, and requested date and location.

Upcoming Speakers Bureau Events


Our Speakers

MCE's members represent varied conservation perspectives and roles in conservation activism, sometimes with careers serving various non-profit conservation groups and government agencies, sometimes in occupations not directly related to environmental stewardship, but rather is such fields as journalism, publishing, teaching, law, health care, politics, outfitting/guiding and more.

Al Luebeck

Becky Garland

Bill Cunningham

Frank Vitale

Gayle Joslin

Gene Sentz

Gerry Jennings

Greg Schatz

Joan Montagne

Joe Perry

Lou Bruno

Mike Penfold

Myrna DuMontier

Patty Ames

Roy Jacobs

Smoke Elser

Tammy Elser

Teddy Roe

Tim Ryan

Tom Pedersen

Tom Powers

Wayne Chamberlin

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