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Who Are We?

MCE is an independent, non-partisan organization. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of the members below. Our membership represents a variety of conservation perspectives and our members bring experience from a wide range of fields, including journalism, publishing, teaching, law, health care, politics, outfitting and more.
Please send us an email if you would like to join.

Celebrating Our Conservation Legacy

Montana Conservation Elders (MCE) is an independent group of dedicated men and women who have spent their lives defending Montana’s wild and quiet landscapes, clean free-flowing waters, abundant and diverse wildlife populations, and access to our public lands and waters. The inspirational conservation movement in Montana has a long history involving many courageous individuals who have achieved successes in protecting our most magnificent landscapes which Montanans cherish so dearly.

MCE members know that history and are eager to continue that kind of activism. In particular, we want to pass the stories of the achievements of Montana conservationists to the younger generations of Montanans so as to motivate them to continue the legacy.

Many MCE members are in the Montana Outdoor Hall of Fame. Other members are destined to become inductees.

We are citizens of Montana and the democracy that is the United States. Our public lands are a public trust, something of immense value to be passed on to the generations to follow.

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